March 2022 – Is Democracy Resilient?
Slides available below, replay available HERE

Stuart Soroka SLIDES
Roberto Stefan Foa SLIDES
Aníbal Pérez-Liñán SLIDES (supplemental)

WAPOR has set up a program of webinars, open to the public. We will have three types of webinars: Thematic webinars, regional webinars and methodological training. 

February 2022Public Opinion Research in the Middle East
December 2021From Cluster Analysis to Classification
October 2021Electoral Surveys in Central and Eastern Europe
May 2021 – Mixed-Mode in Survey Research: Why and How to Implement It
April 2021 – Public Opinion Perceptions of Social, Economic, and Political Challenges in Latin America

March 2021 Webinar Adapting Push-to-Web Survey Designs for Use in Different Countries and Situations
February 2021 Webinar – Electoral Polls in Difficult Times
November 2020 Webinar – WAPOR-GBS Joint Webinar: Pandemic, Governance, and Comparative Public Opinion Research
September 2020 Webinar – Advances in Comparative Survey Methods
July 2020 Webinar – Mixed Mode and Mixed Device Surveys: Why, When, and How
June 2020 Webinar – COVID-19: How We Ask Questions, Collect the Data and What Do We Learn? 
May 2020 Webinar – Changes in Survey Research in Times of COVID-19
September 2019 Webinar