WAPOR aims to provide a program of educational activities including workshops, webinars, and recorded interviews. These activities will be closely linked to the WAPOR web site and social media activities to provide access to the content. 

WAPOR is committed to a range of educational activities, but at the same time we are going to experiment with a variety of programs and formats. We will focus on best practices in public opinion research, new technologies and survey research, and new findings in public opinion. We will also try different levels of content designed for different audiences, from introductory to advanced levels; and we will include training for journalists in reporting on public opinion. Some of the guiding principles that we will apply include the following:

  • The program is meant to be a service to members and a stimulus and benefit of membership.
  • We will start the program without charges, although we will eventually have to meet costs, after we learn what they are. However, educational activities will not become a revenue stream for WAPOR.
  • We want to preserve an electronic record of our activities on the WAPOR web site.

WAPOR WebinarChanges in Survey Research in Times of COVID-19 (May 2020)
Round Table Podcasts – 72nd Annual Conference
Training Workshops – 72nd Annual Conference
WAPOR WebinarSurvey Research in International and Comparative Contexts: Show Case of Free Online Courses and Guidelines (September 2019)