The WAPOR 72nd annual conference featured an Innovation room -fully booked during the three-day conference- with seven round tables that allowed for more participation and peer to peer exchange on a range of important topics from Democracy 3.0, to regaining trust in polling and how in our profession we can better work together.

DAY ONE: Sunday May 19th
11:05am – 12:35pm WINDSOR ROOM
Round Table I
Democracy and Democratic Values: Dynamics, Measurement, Forecast (# 2352)
Convenor: Christian Haerpfer

Goal: This round table unites leading scholars in the field of values research to examine the implication of social value change for the quality and consolidation of democracies worldwide. Participants will address such issues as the ongoing debate on democracy decline and the rise of populism, elite-mass linkages, public opinion and political participation, causal relationship between value change and democratic consolidation and threat to democratic rule, relationship between change in social values and future of regional and global integration, etc.

Invited Contributors/Discussants:
Ronald Inglehart, Pippa Norris, Leonardo Morlino, Robert Worcester, Christian Welzel, Alejandro Moreno, Christian Haerpfer, Marita Carballo, Juan Diez-Nicolas, Hennie Kotze, Henrique de Castro, Marta Lagos, Ian McAllister and others.