WAPOR Elections

The nominations period for the 2018 elections is now closed. WAPOR members will vote on two offices to be filled in elections this autumn: the Chair of the Professional Standards Committee and Vice President/President-Elect.

The Chair of the Professional Standards Committee maintains, monitors and works to improve professional standards in public opinion and survey research. The committee promotes the WAPOR Code of Ethics, guides any relevant task forces and/or initiatives, and provides members with resources on professional ethics and best practices. S/He works as a liaison to other associations in the field and is responsible for the continued work on the Freedom to Publish Opinion Polls report. This council position is a two-year term, and runs 1 Jan 2019 to 31 Dec 2020.

The Vice President/President-Elect will serve on the WAPOR Council for a total of six years beginning 1 Jan 2019—two as Vice President, two as President, and two as Past President. The Vice President/President-Elect acts as the President’s deputy and is a member of the Executive Council. As President, s/he works with WAPOR Council to advance the organization’s mission. The President oversees both strategic and operational efforts related to a broad swath of activities that include, but are not limited to, personnel training and exchange, international polls, research development, advancement of the field, and task forces on the conduct and use of polls in elections. 

The WAPOR Constitution requires that the President and Vice President/President-Elect be from different countries. Consequently, members from Argentina are ineligible for consideration this year.

Nominations from WAPOR members are now being considered, and will serve as the basis of the final slate of nominations (two per office) on which members will vote this September.

Please direct queries to Past President Patricia Moy.

Election Procedures (Article 5, Chapter 3 of the WAPOR Constitution):

For the annual election of Council members a call-for-nominations must be sent out to all members before August 1 in a separate mailing (mail, fax, email or other electronic means of communication). Giving first consideration to the suggestions by membership and taking into account the eligibility, availability, and qualifications of the candidates suggested and the necessary geographical distribution, the Committee shall prepare a slate of nominations, presenting two or more candidates for each office. These shall include all qualified nominees with twenty or more votes on the nomination canvass.

These nominations shall be submitted to the regular membership for vote by mail (regular mail, fax, or email) no later than September 15. The Electoral Committee and the General Secretary will take provisions to ensure that voters can be identified as members in good standing but that the anonymity of their vote is protected. Votes received within six weeks of the ballot’s submission to members will be valid.

The Chair of the Electoral Committee will immediately inform the candidates (winners and losers) and the Council. The announcement has to take place before November 15. The winners will be announced in the next Newsletter, on the WAPOR homepage and via email.