WAPOR Call for Nominations

WAPOR 2021 members have been emailed ballots for the current elections of the following offices:

Secretary-Treasurer. Oversees WAPOR membership dues and other revenues; administers the association’s funds and investment strategies; works with Council on activities related to WAPOR’s financial health; serves as ex-officio chair of the Finance Committee.

Chair of the Publications Committee. Coordinates all publication activities including journals, website, the newsletter, and social media. Supervises selection of editor(s) of the International Journal of Public Opinion Research.

Chair of the Liaison Committee. Manages WAPOR relations with its chapters; coordinates with regional Chapters and organizations including, but not limited to, ESOMAR, AAPOR, UNESCO and other United Nations agencies together with regional/international research agencies and organizations conducting international and comparative surveys.

Each elected Council member will serve a two-year term that runs from 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2023.

Ballots are due by Monday, November 8, 2021. Members will be notified of the results no later than November 15, 2021. 

Information about the electoral process:

WAPOR’s General Secretary is responsible for the electoral process and the Past President is in charge of setting up an electoral committee. The composition of the committee must reflect, as much as possible, the diversity of WAPOR’s membership. However, the committee cannot know all of the members who might be qualified and interested candidates in all regions of the world, thus we strongly encourage you to suggest names of people whom you think could be good candidates for one of the three offices on the Council.

The committee’s role is to examine all the suggestions that it receives from members and, taking into consideration the essential diversity that we seek on the Council, as well as availability and qualifications, propose two or more candidates for each office. The committee is not limited to the members’ suggestions, it can also seek candidacies. The electoral committee will try to propose slates of candidates that will respect WAPOR goals, and help it grow everywhere and in all the fields in which our organization is or should be active.