Regional and Thematic Conferences

Meetings to discuss professional and methodological issues are held at various locations around the world with the aim of bringing WAPOR programs closer to its members, wherever they may be. The most recent regional conferences were held in various locations. Click the links below for more information.

On November 16-17, 2021 we will hold the WAPOR ASIA Bangkok 2021 regional conference. Remembering our dual purpose of safeguarding the freedom to publishing opinion research and promoting professional standards, we saw it as our prerogative and duty to invite participants for the Fourth Annual Conference with the following topics:

● Methodology challenges
● Democratic governance
● Inequality issues
● Gender equality
● New media platforms
● Public service, e-governance
● Social cohesion
● Globalization of culture
● Climate change
● Local governance
● Civic engagement
● Ethics and integrity
● Non-traditional security
● SDGs

Current Regional and Thematic Conferences

Past Regional and Thematic Conferences