• Reaffirming Our Basic Values and Principles
    WAPOR Statement of July 27, 2020
    Reaffirming Our Basic Values and Principles

    In light of events that took place in 2020, the World Association for Public Opinion Research (WAPOR) publicly reaffirms its commitment to the basic principles upon which it was founded. These include promotion in each country of the right to conduct scientific research regarding the beliefs and opinions of the public and the right to freely publish this information so as to make it available to all citizens. As such, we are deeply concerned when any government seeks to limit the rights of the public to be heard by imposing any restrictions on the free practice and reporting of public opinion research.

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  • Mixed Mode and Mixed Device Surveys: Why, When, and How
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    Mixed Mode and Mixed Device Surveys: Why, When, and How

    The COVID-19 pandemic changed and will go on changing survey research, in particular the data collection modes to conduct surveys.  Social distancing implies limiting interviewer impact and more creative use of self-administration. Mixed mode surveys are not new but they are becoming necessary in the current situation. Especially mixed mode surveys with an online component included offer many advantages, but also challenges. One of the challenges is the use of mixed-devices (smartphone, tablet) to complete an online questionnaire.   

    This webinar brings together two survey researchers who are well-known specialists of the use of mixed modes and mixed devices in survey data collection. Edith de Leeuw and Anne Elevelt will present why, when, and how to use mixed mode and mixed device surveys. They will address problems that we are likely to face when using mixed mode and mixed device designs and review Current Best Practice solutions. 

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  • COVID-19:  How We Ask Questions, Collect the Data and What Do We Learn?
    Video and slides available for the June 4th Webinar
    COVID-19: How We Ask Questions, Collect the Data and What Do We Learn?

    Presented by Constanza Cilley, Gary Langer, Wai Yu See Toh, and Torbjörn Sjöström.

    At the time of the pandemic hundreds of surveys have been conducted and disseminated around the world.  Public opinion researchers from different countries put their best efforts to collect the data on people’s reaction to fast changing circumstances.

    This work has been challenging in many ways. The pandemic has disrupted the regular data collection process almost everywhere; the survey topic is completely new to researchers as much as to the public; the situation has been changing extremely fast and remains not very predictable. At the same time when fighting the pandemic is about a collective action understanding the public perceptions is of vital importance.

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  • WAPOR 73rd Annual Conference and WAPOR LATAM 9th Congress Going Virtual
    October 2020 - Salamanca, Spain
    WAPOR 73rd Annual Conference and WAPOR LATAM 9th Congress Going Virtual

    The 73rd WAPOR Annual Conference will be held together with the WAPOR LATAM 9th Congress, in virtual mode, in October as scheduled.  We will be in touch and provide more information soon on how to participate, as well as further details on the program and scheduled sessions. Many interesting papers, a record of over 500, have been submitted this year, so we look forward to sharing all this knowledge with you as part of the conference’s highly relevant theme: Public Opinion and Survey Research in Changing Times. We have gathered some positive experience through our initiatives with the education platform, so we believe the virtual modality of this year’s Conference will be a great and innovative experience.

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  • COVID-19 Public Opinion Research
    List of research via WAPORnet
    COVID-19 Public Opinion Research

    We have compiled a list of public opinion research on COVID-19 from around the world that has been posted to the WAPORnet listserv, you can find it on our website. We will continue to moderate the listserv for distribution, but this adds an additional resource that you can share with others that we will work to keep up-to-date based on the submissions we receive.

    We would like to continue to encourage you to share what is happening in your country and the results of your research on WAPORnet. Please also share multi-country research that you are aware of.

    Find COVID-19 research here

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