• 2019 WAPOR-ASIA Conference in New Delhi, India
    Call for Papers/Presentations

    The WAPOR-ASIA Second Annual Conference will take place in New Delhi, India from September 26 to September 29, 2019. The theme of the conference is “Digital Democracy: The Scope and Limitations of Digital Advancement on Democratization in Asia.

    The deadline to SUBMIT AN ABSTRACT for consideration for presentation is July 31.

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  • WAPOR Embarks on a Program of Educational Activities

    Starting soon, WAPOR will begin a program of educational activities including workshops, webinars, and recorded interviews. These activities will be closely linked to the WAPOR web site and social media activities to provide access to the content.

    WAPOR is committed to a range of educational activities, but at the same time we are going to experiment with a variety of programs and formats. We will focus on best practices in public opinion research, new technologies and survey research, and new findings in public opinion.

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  • WAPOR Call for Nominations
    Nominations due by August 23

    WAPOR seeks nominations for three offices to be filled in elections to be held this autumn: Secretary-Treasurer, Chair of the Publications Committee, and Chair of the Liaison Committee. 

    Only nominations from WAPOR members are eligible for consideration, and will serve as the basis of the final slate of nominations, on which members will vote this September.

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  • New Audio Available
    Round Table I

    The WAPOR 72nd annual conference featured an Innovation room -fully booked during the three-day conference- with seven round tables that allowed for more participation and peer to peer exchange on a range of important topics from Democracy 3.0, to regaining trust in polling and how in our profession we can better work together. Round Table I: Democracy and Democratic Values: Dynamics, Measurement, Forecast (convened by Christian Haerpfer) was held on the first day of the conference.

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  • 72nd WAPOR Annual Conference
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    The most recent conference, Public Opinion and Democracy, wrapped up on May 22 in Toronto, Canada. There were various academic, commercial and government researchers from around the world who participated and presented, providing learning about the latest polling trends, techniques and approaches.

    This year's program included the traditional papers, panels, and posters. We also added round tables for a new interactive experience. We had an award banquet, held at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club, where we awarded various paper and achievement awards. 

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WAPOR is an international professional association whose members recognize the centrality of public opinion in shaping and serving society. arrow down
WAPOR's Mission
We emphasize the importance of conducting scientifically sound public-opinion research
and how this information can be useful to society and its various publics

Promote in each country of the world the right to conduct and publish scientific research on what the people and its groups think and how this thinking is influenced by various factors.


Promote the knowledge and application of scientific methods in this objective.


Assist and promote the development and publication of public opinion research worldwide.


Promote international cooperation and exchange among academic and commercial researchers, journalists and political actors, as well as between the representatives of the different scientific disciplines.

WAPOR advances its mission through various efforts including studies of election polling and infringements on polling; regional and international conferences; white papers, press releases, and workshops; and our refereed journal, the International Journal of Public Opinion Research. We also promote international cooperation and exchange among academic and commercial researchers, journalists and political actors, as well as between the representatives of the different scientific disciplines. With the American Association for Public Opinion Research and ESOMAR, WAPOR has collaborated on an international effort to train journalists interested in understanding and reporting on public opinion research. You can find more information about this initiative here.