• 2-6 November 2021
    WAPOR 74th Annual Conference
    2-6 November 2021

    Registration is open and we are making plans for the totally LIVE online 74th Annual Conference. We hope that you will register and join us for the conference and training workshops online November 2-6, 2021.

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  • 16-17 November 2021
    WAPOR Asia 4th Annual Conference
    16-17 November 2021

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  • Dr. Porismita Borah Named IJPOR Editor-In-Chief
    Announcing New Editor of International Journal of Public Opinion Research
    Dr. Porismita Borah Named IJPOR Editor-In-Chief

    WAPOR’s Executive Council is pleased to announce that Dr. Porismita Borah from Washington State University has been selected as the new Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Public Opinion Research (IJPOR). Dr. Borah has previously served as an Associate Editor of IJPOR and has a distinguished record of scholarly achievement. She is an associate professor at the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication, and a graduate faculty of the Prevention Science program at WSU.

    Her Three-year appointment begins on September 1, 2021.

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  • Mixed-Mode in Survey Research: Why and How to Implement It
    May 2021 WAPOR Webinar
    Mixed-Mode in Survey Research: Why and How to Implement It

    This webinar continued the webinar series by the World Association for Public Opinion Research (WAPOR). On Wednesday, May 26, speakers discussed the most recent developments in mixed-mode surveys. They approached the question from a practitioner’s point of view, that is, they spoke about the issues associated with implementation, combination and weighting of data collected using different modes. The webinar was moderated by Claire Durand.

    • Tobias Gummer: Conducting the European Values Study in Self-Administered Mixed-Mode Design: Insights from Germany
    • Oliviero Marchese: Mixed-Mode Polling: More Than a Plan B

    • Trevor Tompson: Using a Mixed Mode Approach for Election Surveys: The Case of AP VoteCast in the United States
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  • Quality in Comparative Surveys
    AAPOR/WAPOR Task Force Report
    Quality in Comparative Surveys

    Comparative surveys study more than one population with the purpose of comparing various characteristics of the populations. To achieve comparability, surveys taking place in multinational, multiregional, and multicultural contexts (“3MC” surveys) need to be carefully designed. In this report, the AAPOR/WAPOR Task Force on Quality of Comparative Surveys identifies the most pressing challenges concerning data quality in 3MC surveys and recommends priorities for future research and collaboration.

    This report is dedicated to the memory of Lars Lyberg, who has had a profound and lasting influence on our field. He was a generous collaborator, colleague, and mentor, and a great friend.

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  • COVID-19 Public Opinion Research
    List of research via WAPORnet
    COVID-19 Public Opinion Research

    We have compiled a list of public opinion research on COVID-19 from around the world that has been posted to the WAPORnet listserv, you can find it on our website. We will continue to moderate the listserv for distribution, but this adds an additional resource that you can share with others that we will work to keep up-to-date based on the submissions we receive.

    We would like to continue to encourage you to share what is happening in your country and the results of your research on WAPORnet. Please also share multi-country research that you are aware of.

    Find COVID-19 research here

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