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    WAPOR 76th Annual Conference ● 19-22 September 2023 ● Salzburg, Austria
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  • ESOMAR-WAPOR Freedom Report 2022
    This report covers the landscape for polling in 157 countries
    ESOMAR-WAPOR Freedom Report 2022

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  • Letter from WAPOR President (April 2023)
    Letter from WAPOR President (April 2023)

    When I wrote this letter, exactly 100 days have passed since I took office. In my first letter to members, I thanked everyone for entrusting this huge responsibility to me – to further develop WAPOR after its first 75 years. I vowed to do my best, and would use my first 100 days in office to consult and consolidate. Human knowledge progresses exponentially, I hope what we have achieved over the past 75 years can be doubled in the next 7.5 years!

    I won’t repeat the importance of our three core values, namely, Liberty, Quality and Humanity. I start with our need to break boundaries – geographical, ethnical, cultural, epistemological and organizational. One small step towards this direction is to promote multilingualism in our community. On March 1, with the support of our Council colleagues, and after assessing the cost and benefit, our WAPOR website began our multilingual journey by installing an auto-translation plug-in, all messages there can now be read in 133 world languages by a simple click. Please try it out!

    We now take our Step 2 [...]

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  • Ukrainian and Russian Public Opinion Research - 2022/2023
    List of Research in Ukraine and Russia
    Ukrainian and Russian Public Opinion Research - 2022/2023

    Following the theme of our last conference, “Speaking Truth to Power”, we have gathered the most recent polls conducted in Ukraine and Russia concerning the current conflict. You will find here the web page with all the polls. We have also added the frequencies of the last wave of the World Values Survey conducted in Ukraine (2020) and Russia (2018).

    In conformity with WAPOR’s principles, we will post only polls that respect the WAPOR professional standards and are completely transparent about their methods.

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  • 2021 Updated WAPOR Code of Professional Ethics and Practices
    Professional Standards Committee:
    2021 Updated WAPOR Code of Professional Ethics and Practices

    The revised WAPOR Code of Professional Ethics and Practices is now available. There is a version in English which you can download. We have also prepared translations into Arabic, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), French, German, Russian, and Spanish which can also be downloaded. Simply click on the language you require, and you’ll see a link to download the appropriate version.

    If you think translations into other languages would benefit our members and the communities with which they interact (journalists, academics, government officials), we welcome your recommendation. Please feel free to contact us at waporoffice@gmail.com

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WAPOR is an international professional association whose members recognize the centrality of public opinion in shaping and serving society.

With the American Association for Public Opinion Research and ESOMAR, WAPOR has collaborated on an international effort to
train journalists interested in understanding and reporting on public opinion research.

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Members of WAPOR may organize into regional chapters with the aim of furthering the general purposes of WAPOR. You can read more about the regional chapters here.