West Asia North African Regional Chapter

At a council meeting in Toronto, Canada on February 10, 2018 WAPOR approved the regional chapter in West Asia and North Africa (WANA). The constitution of the WAPOR WANA chapter has been approved unanimously. Click HERE for that document.

Current president of WAPOR WANA is Samir Abu Rumman, World of Opinions, Kuwait (samir@worldofopinions.org). The official launch of the WAPOR WANA chapter took place at the Marrakesh Conference in June of 2018. 

To become a member of the WAPOR WANA chapter, please, log into / create your online account at the WAPOR members portal: https://members.wapor.org/welcome/

There are two possibilities:

1)      If you are already a WAPOR member, you can add the WAPOR WANA chapter membership. 

2)      If you are not a paid-up WAPOR member (you have not renewed your membership), you can become either a WAPOR WANA chapter member only or select a combined membership in WAPOR and WAPOR WANA chapter.