In 2023-2024, WAPOR is conducting a pilot of a new program – the Friends of WAPOR. Friends of WAPOR are individuals, who, even though not members of our organization, are in some ways connected to WAPOR’s core mission: the promotion of the best practices and the right to conduct and publish public opinion research around the world. 

Friends of WAPOR are professionals and academics at an early (or later) stage in their careers, and students, whose work, research, studies, or professional development may be enhanced by building connections with our community of WAPOR members.

More specifically, Friends of WAPOR are granted access to the WAPORnet Listserv, which allows them:

  • To stay connected to all WAPOR members and Friends of WAPOR around the world
  • To stay up to date on global and regional WAPOR news, events, calls for papers, and developments about public opinion research all over the world
  • To find cross-national research partners and support for/access to international research
  • To find opportunities to exchange knowledge and ideas with academic and professional researchers
  • To receive the support of an international network of experts with regard to legal restrictions and other threats to the freedoms to conduct and publish public opinion research

If you become a Friend of WAPOR now for only 10 USD, your registration will be valid through the end of 2024.

Should you choose to become a WAPOR member at any point before the end of 2024, your 10 USD Friend of WAPOR fee will be refunded in the form of a discounted WAPOR membership fee. At that point, you will be able to enjoy all benefits and rights of WAPOR members, including:

  • discounted conference fees,
  • access to our International Journal of Public Opinion Research (IJPOR), and
  • eligibility to vote and run in WAPOR elections.

To join WAPOR as a Friend, please, proceed to the membership portal ( If you don’t have an account, you will need to create one using email and password. Option “Join as a Friend of WAPOR” is available alongside with the regular WAPOR and chapter memberships; option to join as a friend is open only to new colleagues (who have not been WAPOR members in the past).