2022 Annual Report

WAPOR Council is pleased to release our second annual report to the membership. This report summarizes efforts undertaken by the WAPOR Executive Council (President, Past President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer) as well as all WAPOR Committees and Committee Chairs in calendar year 2022 in such domains of the Association’s activities as conference, membership, communications, publications, liaising with other organizations among the other. We welcome members’ feedback on this report. Should you have any ideas or recommendations how to improve our work at WAPOR, please, do not hesitate to send those to WAPOR Secretariat: waporoffice@gmail.com.

2021 Annual Report

As part of our continuing efforts to inform membership about WAPOR activities, we are pleased to announce that WAPOR’s 2021 Annual Report is now available. 2021 WAPOR Annual Report. As this is our first annual report, there is no doubt much room for improvement, so please send any feedback to either Renae or Timothy Johnson, and we will continue to improve the reporting of WAPOR activities in the coming years.