October 2023 – Surveying Hard to Reach Populations

In the Fall of 2023, WAPOR resumes our education program with a new series of webinars on public opinion research methodology. Our first webinar will take place on Thursday, October 19 at 10.00-11.30 AM EST. Our excellent speaker, Angelo Cozzubo (NORC at the University of Chicago, USA) will deliver a talk on “Surveying Hard to Reach Populations“. Attendance is free of charge; WAPOR membership is not required. Constanza Cilley (Voices Research and Consultancy, Argentina), Member of WAPOR Education Committee, will moderate the discussion.

VIDEO        Slides: 230904_WAPOR_hard-reach-pop

Surveying Hard to Reach Populations

This webinar will provide an overview of sampling and field approaches for survey of hard to reach populations. The topics covered will include: which are hard to reach populations (HRP) from sampling; survey methods for HRP; empirical examples of HRP applied to different populations; case studies from NORC. HRP in forced labor in Brazil and Argentina; HRP in practice: logistics, tablets, coupons, etc. (optional, if there is time).

Angelo Cozzubo

Angelo Cozzubo is a Data Scientist at NORC at the University of Chicago and a Ph.D. student in Survey and Data Science at the University of Maryland. He holds a Master’s degree with honors in Computational Analysis and Public Policy from the University of Chicago and a bachelor summa cum laude in Economics from PUCP. Angelo has published journal articles and book chapters regarding inequality, poverty, crime, and public policy. He has served as a consultant and advisor in the public sector and international organizations and in research positions in various think tanks. Currently, he is a technical advisor for the Peruvian National Statistical Office, INEI, where he has developed essential contributions as a Small Area Vulnerability Map for targeting social policy. His topics of interest are surveys, applied microeconomics, data science, and public policy.