May 2020 Webinar – Changes in Survey Research in Times of COVID-19

This webinar brought together survey researchers from different parts of the world who shared with attendees how COVID-19 has changed and will likely change their survey research operations, which challenges they face in data collection, and which solutions they have adopted. The focus was on what we need to care about when changing modes, whether adopting telephone polls or online polls.

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About the presenters:

  • Angela Ambitho (Kenya), is the founder and CEO of Infotrak Research & Consulting; a Market and Social research firm that operates predominantly in East & West Africa. Popularly known for opinion polling, she has spent the last twenty-five years helping various clients effectively utilize research. She is WAPOR representative for East Africa.
  • Yashwant Deshmukh (India), is the managing director and chief editor of CVoter, an Indian international polling agency headquartered in Delhi, India. Cvoter conducts polls in India, in the U.S. and in many countries in Africa.  He is WAPOR representative for India. 
  • Johnny Heald (UK), is managing director of the survey research firm ORB. He worked in research since 1992 and specializes in issue-based, international and socio-political research. He is WAPOR representative for the United Kingdom. 
  • Ignacio Zuasnabar (Uruguay), is political consultant and public opinion analyst. He is director of Equipos Uruguay, a firm that conducts surveys in many Latin American countries. He is WAPOR representative for Uruguay.  

Claire Durand, past president of WAPOR, moderated the webinar.

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