December 2021 – From Cluster Analysis to Classification

Video replay HERE

WAPOR has set up a program of webinars, open to the public. We will have three types of webinars: Thematic webinars, regional webinars, and methodological training. 

October 2021 WebinarElectoral Surveys in Central and Eastern Europe
May 2021 Webinar – Mixed-Mode in Survey Research: Why and How to Implement It
April 2021 Webinar – Public Opinion Perceptions of Social, Economic, and Political Challenges in Latin America
March 2021 Webinar Adapting Push-to-Web Survey Designs for Use in Different Countries and Situations
February 2021 Webinar – Electoral Polls in Difficult Times
November 2020 Webinar – WAPOR-GBS Joint Webinar: Pandemic, Governance, and Comparative Public Opinion Research
September 2020 Webinar – Advances in Comparative Survey Methods
July 2020 Webinar – Mixed Mode and Mixed Device Surveys: Why, When, and How
June 2020 Webinar – COVID-19: How We Ask Questions, Collect the Data and What Do We Learn? 
May 2020 Webinar – Changes in Survey Research in Times of COVID-19
September 2019 Webinar