November 2020 Webinar – WAPOR-GBS Joint Webinar: Pandemic, Governance, and Comparative Public Opinion Research

Slides available below, video HERE

The joint webinar of the World Association for Public Opinion Research (WAPOR) and the Global Barometer Survey (GBS) took place on November 20 (Friday) at 13:00-15:00 GMT (08:00 to 10:00 EST).

The theme of the webinar was, “Pandemic, Governance, and Comparative Public Opinion Research”.  The focus of the webinar was two-fold: first, speakers discussed the methodological as well as practical challenges and innovations in public opinion research in the face of the great lockdown caused by the corona-pandemic. Second, the presenters addressed the emerging research agenda on state capacity and good governance discussing over what are the most useful existing indicators in understanding the effectiveness in national response to the covid-19 crisis as well as capturing the socio-political impact of covid-19, and what are the emerging issues and variables that ought to be incorporated into our future comparative research, such as the fragility in the current globalized free market system, the inadequate investment in the state, and the glaring social inequality that the pandemic has dramatically exposed.

Topics covered issues and challenges of public opinion research in times of pandemic, based on the survey research experience of regional barometers – members of the Global Barometer Survey group – in East Asia (Asian Barometer); South Asia (South Asian Barometer); Eastern Europe and Post-Soviet Eurasia (Eurasia Barometer); Sub-Saharan Africa (Afrobarometer); Latin America (Latinobarometro) and Middle East and North Africa (Arab Barometer). 


  • Yunhan Chu, Director of Global Barometer Survey and Professor at National Taiwan University.
  • Kseniya Kizilova, Head of Secretariat at the World Values Survey Association and WAPOR Chair of Liaison Committee.


  • Min-hua Huang (Taiwan), Co-Principal Investigator at Asian Barometer and Professor at the Department of Political Science of National Taiwan University.
  • Sandeep Shastri (India), coordinator of South Asia Barometer and a Pro-Vice- Chancellor of Jain University and Director of its Centre for Research in Social Sciences and Education.
  • Christian Haerpfer (Austria/UAE), Director of Eurasia Barometer and Professor of Sociology in the Department of Government and Society at the United Arab Emirates University.
  • Boniface Dulani (Malawi), Director of surveys at Afrobarometer and Senior Lecturer and Project Research Coordinator at the University of Malawi.
  • Marta Lagos (Chile), the founding director of the Latinobarómetro Corporation and Co-Chair of the Global Barometer Survey.
  • Michael Robbins (USA), Director of Arab Barometer and Research Fellow at Princeton University.

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