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WAPOR 73rd Annual Conference and WAPOR LATAM 9th Congress
6-10 October 2020 ● Virtual Conference

WAPOR Program
Sesiones LATAM Programa


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Virtual Conference Format

The conference will be a combination of asynchronous and synchronous, allowing participants to view pre-recorded presentations beginning on October 1 and then joining the assigned session times as part of a LIVE meeting for discussion with session paper authors and other interested participants during the dates of the conference, October 6-10.

WAPOR LATAM registrants will be able to view the presentations within the panels, as those sessions allow enough time to view both the presentations and hold discussions.

Virtual Conference Timing

Since we can’t be together in person, the virtual conference will have LIVE meetings using Salamanca time, which will be Central European Summer Time. We hope that this will allow for the maximum in participation for viewers around the globe. You can use to help you determine your local start time. The program will also reflect your time zone as well, so you can be assured nothing starts without you!

Examples of starting times:

Times Cities
22:00 Sydney
20:00 Beijing
17:30 New Delhi
16:00 Dubai
15:00 Moscow
14:00 SALAMANCA/Johannesburg
13:00 London
9:00 Buenos Aires
8:00 New York/Toronto
7:00 Chicago/Mexico City
6:00 Denver/Guatemala City


Program Schedule

The conference has been organized as follows (based on Salamanca time) and is still subject to change:

Date Time Details
October 5 18:00-19:30 Welcome and WAPOR member business meeting
October 6 14:00-18:30 WAPOR Sessions
  19:00-20:00 WAPOR National Representatives Meeting
October 7 14:00-18:30 WAPOR Sessions
  19:00-20:00 WAPOR Award Ceremony
October 8 14:00-18:30 WAPOR and WAPOR LATAM Sessions
  19:00-20:00 Joint Plenary with Keynote Speaker Prof. Noam Lupu (Vanderbilt University, Associate Director de LAPOP)
October 9 14:00-21:00 WAPOR LATAM Sessions
October 10 14:00-21:00 WAPOR LATAM Sessions


Conference Registration

Non-member registrations include a membership for 2021
All registrations include access to the training workshops October 12-15

First Step: Decide which conference you’ll attend (WAPOR, LATAM, BOTH)
Second Step: Are you a member of WAPOR? A member of LATAM? Both? Find your rate.
Not a member? Figure out your tier here:
Final Step: Go to to register!

Registration pricing is as follows:


Pricing according to member status. Please note that all fees are in USD.
WAPOR Annual ConferenceRegistration Fee
WAPOR member$165.00
Non member tier A$290.00
Non member tier B$260.00
Non member tier C$230.00
WAPOR student member$75.00
Non member student all tiers$125.00
Non member student first time attending$75.00
(Members will also have the option of renewing their 2021 membership)


Precios según estatus de miembro. Tenga en cuenta que todas las tarifas están en USD. / Pricing according to member status. Please note that all fees are in USD.
LATAM Congreso / LATAM CongressCuota de inscripción/ Registration Fee
Miembro LATAM / LATAM member$100.00
No miembro nivel A / Non member tier A$190.00
No miembro nivel B / Non member tier B$170.00
No miembro nivel C / Non member tier C$150.00
Miembro estudiante LATAM / LATAM student member$60.00
Estudiante no miembro / Non member student$100.00
Estudiante no miembro que asiste por primera vez / Non member student first time attending$60.00
(Los miembros también tendrán la opción de renovar su membresía. / Members will also have the option of renewing their membership.)
Combined WAPOR and WAPOR LATAMRegistration Fee
WAPOR + LATAM member$215.00
WAPOR member tier A (adds LATAM 2021)$305.00
LATAM member tier A (adds WAPOR 2021)$340.00
WAPOR member tier B (adds LATAM 2021)$285.00
LATAM member tier B (adds WAPOR 2021)$310.00
WAPOR member tier C (adds LATAM 2021)$265.00
LATAM member tier C (adds WAPOR 2021)$280.00
Student WAPOR + LATAM member$85.00
Student WAPOR member (adds LATAM 2021)$125.00
Student LATAM member (adds WAPOR 2021)$135.00
Non member tier A (adds WAPOR + LATAM 2021)$360.00
Non member tier B (adds WAPOR + LATAM 2021)$325.00
Non member tier C (adds WAPOR + LATAM 2021)$290.00
Non member student all tiers (adds WAPOR + LATAM 2021)$145.00
Non member student all tiers first time attendee (adds WAPOR + LATAM 2021)$85.00
(Members will also have the option of renewing their membership.)

Conference Theme: Public Opinion and Survey Research in Changing Times

Effective public policy, informed by public opinion research, is an inevitable part of Global Sustainable Development Programs that are shared and targeted by many countries. The economic and social development of any society is not possible without careful monitoring of the key indicators which are often estimated based on national surveys. This year, WAPOR highlights the role and application of survey research in monitoring public opinion in a changing environment. In doing so, we recognize the ongoing revolution in survey data analysis that has been prompted by the development of machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data availability. Information security, new approaches to data collection, and progress in online survey research, stimulate both academics and practitioners to explore new approaches to integrating these resources into their assessment of public opinion.

WAPOR welcomes proposal submissions that deal with these and related issues, in one of four conference formats including: panels, round-table sessions, research papers and posters. The round tables will be broadcast live via online channels.

Conference topics include, but are not restricted to:

  • Public opinion and survey research
  • Survey research application
  • Public opinion and policy making
  • Panel, longitudinal and national monitoring surveys in policy making
  • New technologies and national surveys: challenges in the changing times
  • New sources of information on public opinion and the use of social media
  • Political behavior, participation and culture in survey research
  • Methodological challenges and improvements in the areas of sampling, measurement, survey design and survey response or non-response
  • Challenges of comparative research and International Survey Projects
  • Cross-cultural concerns in data collection and measurement issues
  • News, media, journalism and public opinion
  • Qualitative research in changing times
  • Big data, sentiment analysis and machine learning
  • Digitalization of societies and usage of new sources of information in survey research
  • Data visualization, new technologies and online surveys
  • Best practices for stakeholder research and expert surveys