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WAPOR 73rd Annual Conference and WAPOR LATAM 9th Congress
6-9 October 2020 ● Virtual Conference

LATEST NEWS:  WAPOR and WAPOR LATAM in Salamanca 2020


We are going virtual! More information will be sent to presenters and attendees as soon as possible.

Registration for the virtual annual and LATAM conferences is expected to open on July 15.
We will contact presenters via email when the system is open.

The 73rd WAPOR Annual Conference will be held together with the WAPOR LATAM 9th Congress, in virtual mode, in October as scheduled.  We will be in touch and provide more information soon on how to participate, as well as further details on the program and scheduled sessions. Many interesting papers, a record of over 500, have been submitted this year, so we look forward to sharing all this knowledge with you as part of the conference’s highly relevant theme: Public Opinion and Survey Research in Changing Times. We have gathered some positive experience through our initiatives with the education platform, so we believe the virtual modality of this year’s Conference will be a great and innovative experience. More information will be posted soon!

Conference Theme: Public Opinion and Survey Research in Changing Times

Effective public policy, informed by public opinion research, is an inevitable part of Global Sustainable Development Programs that are shared and targeted by many countries. The economic and social development of any society is not possible without careful monitoring of the key indicators which are often estimated based on national surveys. This year, WAPOR highlights the role and application of survey research in monitoring public opinion in a changing environment. In doing so, we recognize the ongoing revolution in survey data analysis that has been prompted by the development of machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data availability. Information security, new approaches to data collection, and progress in online survey research, stimulate both academics and practitioners to explore new approaches to integrating these resources into their assessment of public opinion.

WAPOR welcomes proposal submissions that deal with these and related issues, in one of four conference formats including: panels, round-table sessions, research papers and posters. The round tables will be broadcast live via online channels.

Conference topics include, but are not restricted to:

  • Public opinion and survey research
  • Survey research application
  • Public opinion and policy making
  • Panel, longitudinal and national monitoring surveys in policy making
  • New technologies and national surveys: challenges in the changing times
  • New sources of information on public opinion and the use of social media
  • Political behavior, participation and culture in survey research
  • Methodological challenges and improvements in the areas of sampling, measurement, survey design and survey response or non-response
  • Challenges of comparative research and International Survey Projects
  • Cross-cultural concerns in data collection and measurement issues
  • News, media, journalism and public opinion
  • Qualitative research in changing times
  • Big data, sentiment analysis and machine learning
  • Digitalization of societies and usage of new sources of information in survey research
  • Data visualization, new technologies and online surveys
  • Best practices for stakeholder research and expert surveys