WAPOR 75th Annual Conference and WAPOR Asia Pacific 5th Conference

10-15 November 2022 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The World Association for Public Opinion Research (WAPOR) will hold its 75th Annual Conference together with the WAPOR Asia Pacific 5th Annual Conference on 10-15 November 2022 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The WAPOR conference will convene before and overlap with the 5th WAPOR Asia Pacific regional conference.


Check out the conference schedule, program and other updates: HERE

Conference Theme: 75 Years of Worldwide Public Opinion Research

This year, WAPOR highlights the role and application of survey research in monitoring public opinion across the world since the end of WWII. This period has witnessed continuous and ongoing innovations in the conduct, analysis and interpretation of public opinion research, and this information is routinely disseminated across the globe. This research has become an essential element of a connected world and is now used to inform citizens, governments, private businesses, and academic researchers on countless topics. At the same time, public opinion research is not without its limitations and its critics.

The upcoming conference presentations, posters, and panels will include topics such as:

  • Good governance and public opinion research
  • Public opinion and public diplomacy
  • Public opinion and policymaking
  • Public opinion and survey research
  • Survey research application
  • News, media, journalism and public opinion
  • Panel, longitudinal and national monitoring surveys in policymaking
  • New technologies and national surveys: challenges in the changing times
  • New sources of information on public opinion and the use of social media
  • Political behavior, participation and culture in survey research
  • Methodological challenges and improvements in the areas of sampling, measurement, survey design and survey response or non-response
  • Challenges of comparative research and International Survey Projects
  • Cross-cultural concerns in data collection and measurement issues
  • Qualitative research in changing times
  • Big data, sentiment analysis and machine learning
  • Digitalization of societies and usage of new sources of information in survey research
  • Data visualization, new technologies and online surveys
  • Best practices for stakeholder research and expert surveys

All authors have been notified of submission status. If you have not received a notification, please contact us at waporoffice@gmail.com. Registration and a preliminary program are available at the conference website.

Conference venue

Preliminary Conference Program Details

  • Two key-note lectures: 1) Pippa Norris (Harvard University); 2) Amaney A. Jamal (Princeton University)
  • Pre-conference day with five training/methodological workshops on November 10
  • Welcome safari adventure on November 10, starting at 4:00 pm from the hotel (incl. BBQ, camel riding, sandboarding, belly dancing, safari and more)
  • Regular sessions are scheduled for November 11-13; joint sessions with WAPOR Asia Pacific on November 13
  • WAPOR awards ceremony + banquette with Arabic cuisine on November 12
  • Special featured panels from WAPOR on its 75th Anniversary, Public Opinion in the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia, from ISSP, WVS, UAEU, MBRSG and NIELSEN IQ Middle East, Louvre Abu Dhabi, and more
  • Dinner Cruise in Dubai Marina (optional) on November 13

Available Paper Awards
WAPOR awards and prizes are intended to recognize significant accomplishments in the Public Opinion field. Specifically, we encourage future advancements through student awards and yearly accomplishments for exemplary papers and presentations at the annual conference. There are two types of prizes to be awarded: 1) prizes given to authors who have had their abstracts accepted for presentation at the WAPOR 75th Annual Conference; and 2) an award given to those who submit their papers for inclusion as part of the annual conference program. You can find out more about these prizes HERE. If required, full papers must be submitted electronically to waporoffice@gmail.com by the deadline of September 30, 2022 (by 11:59 pm ET).

Registration Rates for WAPOR 75th Annual Conference
All presenters, panel chairs and attendees must be registered to attend the conference. Non-member registration rates include a 1-year WAPOR membership (by country tier). Attendance of this year’s WAPOR annual conference is in person only. Daily passes can be purchased by general attendees and guests. Speakers, co-authors, poster presenters, and panel chairs are required to obtain full conference registration. Reduced registration fees are available for student participants. Registration will be open shortly. 

WAPOR Annual Conference (Nov. 10-13)Registration Fee
WAPOR Member$290
New member Tier A$415
New member Tier B$385
New member Tier C$355
WAPOR Student Member$190
New member student (all tiers)$240
New member student first time attending$190

WAPOR Annual Conference (Nov. 10-13) - Daily PassesDaily Pass Fee
November 10 Daily Pass$50
November 11 Daily Pass$75
November 12 Daily Pass$75
November 12 Daily Pass PLUS Award Banquet$160
November 13 Daily Pass$75

Registration Rates for WAPOR Asia Pacific 5th Conference
Non-member registration rates include a 1-year WAPOR Asia Pacific chapter membership. Participation in the Asia Pacific regional conference can be done in person or virtually. Information on the registration rates for both in person and online attendance is included below. Registration will be open shortly. 

WAPOR Asia Pacific Conference IN PERSON (Nov. 13-15)Registration Fee
WAPOR Asia Pacific member$75
New member Tier A$160
New member Tier B$130
New member Tier C $90
WAPOR Asia Student Member$45
New member student$65

WAPOR Asia Pacific Conferences VIRTUAL (Nov. 13-15)Registration Fee
WAPOR Asia Pacific member$50
New member Tier A $135
New member Tier B$105
New member Tier C$80
WAPOR Asia Pacific Student Member$30
New member Student$40

As November is a high season in Dubai with many from all over the world attending this destination for tourist and business purposes, WAPOR delegates are offered a special booking rate with the generous 30% discount at the Grand Millennium Business Bay hotel 5* (applicable for November 9-14) . Other hotels of different price range can be reserved via available platforms such as booking.com or similar. 
We continue to work on other logistics for this conference and will share more details soon, including discounts for WAPOR participants on flights via Emirates Airlines.

Local Organizing Committee


Queries About the Conference
Questions about the annual conference should be directed to WAPOR Executive Director Renae Reis (waporoffice@gmail.com).

Questions about the WAPOR Asia Pacific conference should be directed to Conference Chair Holli Semetko (holli.semetko@emory.edu).