February 2024 – Comparative Cross-National Surveys in Afrobarometer

Next WAPOR webinar takes place on February 29, 2024. Boniface Dulani, Director of Surveys at Afrobarometer, will speak about the Comparative Cross-National Surveys in Afrobarometer. Chase Harrison (Harvard University, USA), Chair of WAPOR Education Committee, will moderate the discussion. Attendance is free of charge.


Comparative Cross-National Surveys in Afrobarometer

Afrobarometer is a pan-African, non-partisan survey research network that has been conducting public attitude surveys on democracy, governance, the economy, and society since 1999. On a two- to three-year cycle, project national partners in about 35 African countries carry out face-to-face interviews with nationally representative samples, then analyze the data and disseminate the findings. The webinar will elaborate on the project’s experience in Africa, especially with landscape of very different levels of democracy, culture, and politics.

Boniface Dulani

Boniface Dulani is an Associate Professor of Political Science in the Department of Politics and Government at the University of Malawi and Director of Surveys for the Afrobarometer, the pan African network of researchers who conduct surveys on governance, economy, livelihoods and other topics. Dulani holds a PhD in Comparative Politics with minors in International Relations from Michigan State University. As Afrobarometer’s Director of Surveys, Boniface leads a fantastic team of researchers from more than 40 countries across Africa to collect data that reflects the views of citizens across the continent.  These data are then passed on to policy-makers and other decision makers so that the voices of ordinary citizens are reflected in key policy decisions.

This webinar is sponsored by the World Association for Public Opinion Research as a part of its mission to promote international cooperation and exchange among academic and commercial researchers, journalists and political actors. We invite all attendees to consider becoming a member of WAPOR.