Janet A. Harkness Student Paper Award

This award is given in memory of Dr. Janet A. Harkness, internationally recognized for her contributions to cross-cultural survey methodology, who passed away in 2012.  The award is open both to current students (graduate or undergraduate) and to recent graduates (2021). The papers are due by Friday, June 30, 2023. Details for the 2023 award can be found HERE

Past Award Winners

2013 – Zeina Mneimneh, USA
2014 – Christian Czymara, Germany
2015 – None awarded
2016 – Katharina Meitinger, Germany
2017 – None awarded
2018 – Marta Kołczyńska, USA
2019 – Kirils Makarovs, Latvia
2020 – Stella Sechopoulos, Greece
2021 – Anastasia Bakhareva, Russia
2022 – None awarded

Janet A. Harkness Student Paper Award Committee

Anna Andreenkova (Institute for Comparative Social Research (CESSI),Russia)**
Sunghee Lee (University of Michigan, USA)****
Michael Robbins (University of Michigan, USA)*
Henning Silber (GESIS, Germany)***
Ineke Stoop (The Netherlands Institute for Social Research/SCP, Netherlands)*
Ana Villar (Facebook, UK)*** 
Heather Smalley (USA)***
Mariana Torcal (Spain)***

*through 2021
**through 2022
***through 2023
****through 2024