Elizabeth H. Nelson Prize

This award is for the best paper presented at the annual conference by one or more persons from a society in transition. Authors must submit their papers for consideration only after their paper has been accepted to be part of the annual conference program. Following submission, the paper committee will review and rank each eligible paper. The winner of the award will be notified prior to the beginning of the conference.  

Criteria: The Elizabeth Nelson Prize is presented to the best conference paper written and presented by an author (or authors) from a society in transition (tiers B or C). The prize amount is $750.

Submission: Authors from Tier B or Tier C countries, who have had their paper accepted for presentation at the upcoming 74th Annual Conference (to be announced by July 15), should submit their completed paper for the awards above electronically using MS-Word or PDF format, by 11:59 p.m. (EDT) on Friday, October 8, 2021 to renae@wapor.org.  Entries should be approximately 15 to 25 pages in length and may have multiple authors. All authors on an entry must meet the eligibility requirements for the award. Please include each author’s name, telephone number and email address. WAPOR reserves the right to not award prizes.

Past Award Winners

1995 – Francis D. Adu-Poku, Ghana
1996 – Huixin Ke, China
1997 – Gerardo Adrogué, Argentina
1998 – Hyunyi Cho, USA
1999 – Gerardo Adrogué, Argentina
2000 – Jonathan J.H. Zhu, Huailin Chen and Steve Zhongshi Guo, China
2001 – Azra Abdul Cader, Sri Lanka
2002 – None awarded
2003 – Zhongshi Guo, Hong Kong, Weng Hin Cheong and Huailin Chen, Macao
2004 – None Awarded
2005 – Rachel Meneguello, Brazil
2006 – Annie Barbara Chikwanha, South Africa
2007 – Ibrahim Saleh, Egypt
2008 – Tamás Bodor, USA (Budapest)
2009 – Noppadon Kannika, Thailand
2010 – Marcia Cavallari Nunes, Joao F. Resende and Malu Giani, Brazil
2011 – Jantima Kheokao, Thailand
2012 – Thomas Vitiello, Ali Çarkoğlu and Mert Moral, Turkey
2013 – None awarded
2014 – Róbert Péter, Hungary
2015 – María Laura Tagina, Argentina
2016 – Chao Zhang and Shaowei Chen, China
2017 – Natalia Soboleva, Russia
2018 – Anna Efimova and Denis Strebkov, Russia
2019 – Ricardo González, Esteban Muñoz and Josefa Henríquez, Chile
2020 – Mălina Voicu and Ioana Ramia, Romania