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WAPOR organizes meetings to discuss professional and methodological issues by holding conferences and regional seminars at various locations around the world, with the aim of bringing WAPOR programs closer to its members, wherever they may be.

Annual conferences are held in a three-year cycle: with AAPOR in North America, in connection with either ESOMAR or ESRA in Europe, and in the third year in a new location. This arrangement permits WAPOR members to meet with academic, commercial, and government researchers from the main centers of survey research around the globe. We are currently in our second year of a virtual conference. Find out more HERE

We also hold regional conferences in various locations, most recently in Moscow (Russia), Monterrey (Mexico) and Barcelona (Spain). Once again our aim is to promote not only the importance of conducting scientifically sound public-opinion research, but also how this information can be useful to society and its various publics around the globe. The most recent regional conference was WAPOR Asia Pacific conference on December 3-5, 2023.

WAPOR LATAM is currently planning their upcoming 2025 conference, being held in Florianópolis, south of Brazil, during April 28-30. More details visiting WAPOR LATAM website: