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Freedom to Publish Opinion Polls

Public opinion polls and surveys examine issues that can arouse great public interest. They are part of the social and political landscape in most of the world. They are often widely published and debated, and sometimes they are subjected to governmental restrictions – especially when it comes to the publication of poll results before elections and the prior review of survey questionnaires. WAPOR (the World Association for Public Opinion Research) and ESOMAR (the global voice of the Data, Research, and Insights Community) have collaborated since 1984 in a series of studies assessing these governmental restrictions throughout the world. Results of these studies have been summarized in the so called “Freedom Reports” issued with the periodicity of 5 years. The latest freedom survey was conducted in 2022, with the report released in 2023. It can accessed by following the link below:

Freedom to Conduct and Public Opinion Polls: A 2023 Worldwide Update Past Freedom Reports