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Past Presidents

Since 1947, WAPOR has been fortunate to have some of the most prominent names in survey and public opinion research serve as its President. Below is a listing of the men and women who have served. Each made an indelible mark on both the Organization and the people whom the Organization serves.


1947-1948 Jean Stoetzel France
1949-1950 James White UK
1951-1952 John F. Maloney USA
1953-1954 Jan Stapel Netherlands
1955-1956 Leo P. Crespi USA
1957-1958 Bjorn Balstad Norway
1959-1960 Mark Abrams UK
1961-1962 Helen Crossley USA
1963-1964 Karl Georg von Stackelberg West Germany
1965-1966 Leo Bogart USA
1967-1968 Eric da Costa India
1969-1970 Adri Bakker Netherlands
1971-1972 Philip K. Hastings USA
1973-1974 Wim J. de Jonge Netherlands
1975-1976 Juan Linz Spain/USA
1977-1978 Irving Crespi USA
1979-1980 Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann West Germany
1981-1982 Yvan Corbeil Canada
1983-1984 Robert M. Worcester UK
1985-1986 Seymour Martin Lipset USA
1987-1988 Hans Zetterberg Sweden
1989-1990 Frederick C. Turner USA
1991-1992 Elizabeth H. Nelson UK
1993-1994 Philip Meyer USA
1995-1996 Wolfgang Donsbach Germany
1997-1998 Maxwell McCombs USA
1999-2000 Miguel Basanez Mexico
2001-2002 Brian Gosschalk UK
2003-2004 Kathleen Frankovic USA
2005-2006 Esteban Lopez-Escobar Spain
2007-2008 Mike Traugott USA
2009-2010 Thomas Petersen Germany
2011-2012 Tom W. Smith USA
2013-2014 Alejandro Moreno Mexico
2015-2016 Patricia Moy USA
2017-2018 Claire Durand Canada
2019-2020 Marita Carballo Argentina
2021-2022 Timothy Johnson USA