Activities of the World Association for Public Opinion Research are coordinated by a number of Standing Committees, including Electoral, Finance, Professional Standards, Publications, Liaison, Conference, and Membership. Each Standing Committee can have up to six members appointed by the Chair. Membership and the duties and responsibilities of the committees are listed below.

Finance Committee (A Standing Committee chaired by the Secretary-Treasurer ex officio) 

The Finance Committee is responsible for drafting the annual budget and the allocation of funds of the Association.

Chair: Yulia BASKAKOVA (USA)

Members in 2024:

  • David JODICE (USA)
  • Timothy JOHNSON (USA)
  • Kseniya KIZILOVA (Austria)
  • Paulina Tabery (Czech Republic)

Committee on Professional Standards (A Standing Committee with an elected Chair)

The Committee on Professional Standards shall review and adjust – where necessary – the Code of Professional Ethics and Practices and propose amendments from time to time to keep it consistent with contemporary needs and technology and to promote its observance within the profession. For this purpose it shall seek cooperation with other associations in the field.

Chair: Ignacio ZUASNABAR (Uruguay)

Members in 2024:

  • Samir ABU RUMMAN (Kuwait)
  • Asis ARECHAVALETA (Panama)
  • Yashwant DESKMUKH (India)
  • Mari HARRIS (South Africa)
  • Wai Yu SEE TOH (Malaysia)
  • Tom SMITH (USA)


  • Sanne KROM (Netherlands)
  • Henning SILBER (Germany)

Publications Committee (A Standing Committee with an elected Chair)

The Publications Committee shall coordinate all publication activities of the Association such as journals, book series, the newsletter. The Committee presents to the Council nominations for the editors of the International Journal of Public Opinion Research.

Chair: Rico NEUMANN (Germany)

Members in 2024:

  • Brad EDWARDS (USA)
  • Alejandro FERNANDEZ-ROLDAN DIAZ (Spain)
  • Kseniya KIZILOVA (Austria)
  • Pei-shan LIAO (Taiwan)
  • Stephanie STEINMETZ (Switzerland)
  • David TULLY (USA)

Liaison Committee (A Standing Committee with an elected Chair)

The Liaison Committee shall primarily be responsible for all contacts and discussions with other associations. Such agencies include the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR), the World Association of Research Professionals (ESOMAR), and other international and regional professional research associations, as well as the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), other United Nations agencies, and private international organizations.

Chair: Rosario AGUILAR (UK)

Members in 2024:

  • Angela AMBITHO (Kenya)
  • Constanza CILLEY (Argentina)
  • Saidul HAQ (Bangladesh)
  • Colin IRWIN (UK)
  • Nedal SWEHLI (Libya)

Conference Committee (A Standing Committee with an elected Chair)

The Conference Committee shall be responsible for the program and the administrative arrangements at the annual conference and other conferences and seminars of the Association, and for coordination with other organizations sharing the conference site.

Chair: Wolfgang ASCHAUER (Austria)

Members in 2024:

  • Olga Kamenchuk (USA)
  • Timothy JOHNSON (USA)
  • Kseniya KIZILOVA (Austria)
  • Henning SILBER (Germany)

Membership Committee (A Standing Committee with an elected Chair)

The Membership Committee shall initiate actions to maintain and increase membership. The Committee appoints, with the consent of the President, national and regional representatives. These representatives promote the mission of WAPOR in their geographical areas.

Chair: Hayk GYUZALYAN (Belgium)

Members in 2024:

  • Samir ABURUMMAN (Kuwait)
  • Angela AMBITHO (Kenya)
  • David JODICE (USA)
  • Kseniya KIZILOVA (Austria)
  • Jui SHRESTHA (Nepal)
  • Ignacio ZUASNABAR (Uruguay)

Education Committee (A Standing Committee with an elected Chair)

The Education Committee is responsible for planning and organization of WAPOR education and training activities such as the monthly webinars and the training workshops at the conference.

Chair: Chase HARRISON (USA)

Members in 2024:

  • Constanza CILLEY (Argentina)
  • Yashwant DESHMUKH (India)
  • Gary LANGER (USA)
  • Alhi NGUESSAN (Cote d’Ivoire)
  • Michael NITSCHE (Austria)
  • Rima SINICKE (Lithuania)

Nominations Committee

Chair: Timothy JOHNSON (USA)

Members in 2024:

  • Marcia Cavallari (Brazil)
  • Claire Durand (Canada)
  • Tadahiko Maeda (Japan)
  • Alejandro Moreno (Mexico)
  • Toman Roessing (Germany)