ESOMAR/WAPOR Guide to Opinion Polls and Published Surveys

The revised ESOMAR/WAPOR Guideline on Opinion Polls and Published Surveys sets out the responsibilities of researchers to conduct opinion polls in a professional and ethical way. Opinion polls and surveys often receive widespread attention in the media and decision makers, journalists and the public need to be able to differentiate between professional and unprofessional polls. This updated Guideline highlights the information that researchers and those publishing survey data must make available to enable the public and other stakeholders to evaluate the results. It also provides guidance on different types of opinion polling including exit polls and online polls.

Inside this guideline

  • The ethical rules and core methodological principles that apply
  • The rights of participants
  • The key information to be made available to maintain transparency when results are published
  • Contractual standards for those commissioning polls to ensure that the published results are presented in an unbiased way

Download the guide:

Download the summary of the key requirements of the guideline that can help you meet all the rules at a glance: