​Abstracts submission

Abstract submission instructions for the 2024 WAPOR conference:

  1. Proposals for the conference should be submitted electronically by February 29, 2024. Only proposals submitted through the conference platform will be considered: https://2024-wapor-conference.events.wapor.org
  2. WAPOR 2024 conference will be held in in-person; both presenters, co-authors and audience are required to attend in person.
  3. ​To be able to submit a proposal, you must be signed up for a free account at the WAPOR portal (if you are a WAPOR member, you will be asked to enter your usual login and password). However, you do not need to be a WAPOR member to submit a proposal.
  4. In case of proposals featuring multiple co-authors, only the main author (or the presenter) should submit the paper proposal (one time). Co-authors (if any) should be listed during the abstract submission, but they should not submit the same abstract again.
  5. To maximize participation in the WAPOR conference, the number of times any individual can appear as speaker in the final program is limited: any individual can present only one paper. Should you appear as a co-author in multiple papers, please, make sure that other co-authors will attend the conference to present your joint research. 
  6. The following types of submission are accepted: research papers in oral formatposter presentations in oral format (authors are required to bring a printed poster themselves); pre-organized panel proposals. Paper and poster presentations can have up to 10 co-authors; pre-organized panels need to have a chair and can include 4-5 papers. 
  7. Individual papers will be organized in panels with 4-5 presenters per panel. All poster presentations will take place at the same time, in a format of a networking-style parallel session. Posters can be exhibited at the conference venue during the whole conference duration.
  8. Pre-organized panels should comprise of several submissions: first the convener/ chair needs to submit a panel proposal, then every every presenter needs to submit their abstract individually, indicating the title of the panel where the abstract belongs. All-male panel proposals are not permitted.
  9. All abstracts should not exceed 500 words. All submissions must be in English, and all accepted works are to be presented in English.
  10. Full papers (or presentations) in PDF format will need to be uploaded to the conference platform by July 12, 2024.

Should you have any questions or face any technical issues during the submission, please, contact waporoffice@gmail.com.