Hans Zetterberg Poem Published in PSR

Dear WAPOR Members,

We are pleased to provide the link to the newest issue of the Polish Sociological Review. It includes an unusual and unknown piece by Hans Zetterberg, namely his little poem (see p. 5). This poem, followed by our short note (on p. 7), sheds some light on little known contacts of Professor Zetterberg with Polish sociology. Since he has played a great role as very active member and past President of WAPOR, we hope that all of you – especially those who were happy to know him personally –  may find this interesting. You may wish to access the relevant PSR issue by clicking the following link: https://wapor.org/wp-content/uploads/PSR200-1.pdf

Best regards and New Year greetings,
Katarzyna M. Staszynska
Krzysztof Zagorski (PSR Editor-in-chief)