WAPOR Latam Constitution Approved

Dear Members of WAPOR Latam,
I am writing to you as President of WAPOR Latam to let you know that the result of the referendum for the new Constitution for WAPOR Latam has been positive with all the votes in favor among all the participants. Therefore, this constitution that you can find in Constitution WAPOR Latam, is now valid as of May 5, 2019.
The members of the Board of WAPOR Latam, WAPOR International and myself consider this moment an essential step towards the consolidation and institutionalization of the regional chapter WAPOR Latam. It is time to thank all the former presidents and co-founders of this institution for all their work and effort that has allowed us to get here: Maria Braun, Gabriela Catterberg, Carlos Muniz, Hernando Rojas, Alejandro Moreno, Mara Telles and Ignacio Zuasnabar
Now we begin a new hopeful period full of enthusiasm with many projects such as the upcoming Salamanca 2020 Congress, which will coincide with the 2020 World WAPOR and will be held in the fall of that year. We are already setting up very interesting tables that will address many innovative methodological aspects and soon the call for workshops will come out. It will be a great meeting for academics and professionals from Europe, Latin America and other parts of the world. We are also going to make our journal RLOP progress a lot. In a few weeks the two issues of 2019 will be released in electronic format (then the paper will arrive) and we will create a new platform for that magazine with prestigious international publishers and with the help of WAPOR. We keep receiving more manuscripts and we almost have materials for two new issues by 2020, which will allow us to index the journal very soon. We will also develop a new platform for WAPOR Latam which, with the help of WAPOR international, will allow us to be more active and dynamic. All these activities, logically, require funding and for this we ask you to please become members and pay the annual fees of WAPOR Latam. Please consult the costs. The fees differ according to the country where you live. You can also participate and be a member of WAPOR International with a small additional contribution. The link with the information can be found at: https://wapor.org/membership/. Until now we basically operated with the membership that was generated with the inscriptions to the Congresses, but that now must be consolidated more. It is necessary that we all contribute with the annual membership, in order to have funds to carry out many more activities and organize even better Congresses. I beg you, for the good of this wonderful community, to be a member as soon as possible, according to the rules that are set in our recently approved Constitution. We encourage you also to become a member of both, WAPOR and WAPOR Latam.
Thanks to everyone for the effort and the enthusiasm,
Mariano Torcal
President WAPOR Latam