Statement on Interviewers Lynched in Ajalpan Mexico

WAPOR expresses its condolences to the families of the two brothers, Rey David and José Abraham Copado Molina, who lost their lives so tragically.

The brothers were conducting market research when habitants of Ajalpan accused them of kidnapping some girls. Local police took the interviewers into custody and, after confirming their identification and work affiliation, released them without charges.  A mob pursued the two interviewers, beat them to death, and ultimately set fire to their bodies in a public square.  The number of people involved varies from 300 to 1,000, according to different news reports.

The brutality of these acts is profoundly disturbing.  Unfortunately this is only the latest incident of violence against research interviewers in Mexico and other countries around the world.

Public opinion and market research plays a critical role in giving voice to citizens and consumers in an open and democratic society.  Survey interviewers perform a crucial and difficult task, and their work illuminates much of what is known about social, political, and economic issues of the day.

WAPOR calls upon the Mexican authorities to investigate this incident fully and bring charges against those responsible for this crime.  Moreover, WAPOR calls upon the Mexican government to take steps to assure that public opinion and market researchers are able to do their work in Mexico without fear of harassment, intimidation and violence.

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