Paper Prizes and Travel Awards

For presenters at the 70th annual conference, we encourage you as you write your paper, to please consider submitting it to one of the following WAPOR awards to be given in Lisbon:

The Janet A. Harkness Prize is presented to the best conference paper presented by a student on multi-national/multi-cultural/multi-lingual survey research (aka 3M survey research) (details here).

The Elizabeth Nelson Prize is presented to the best conference paper from a society in transition (tiers B or C).

The Naomi C. Turner Prize honors the best conference paper written and presented by a student(s).

Students also are eligible to apply for travel grants from WAPOR’s Wolfgang Donsbach and Allan McCutcheon Travel Funds. The application form for these travel grants is available by logging into the conference system and clicking “apply for student travel award”.

Submission: Authors should submit their completed paper electronically using MS-Word or PDF format, by 5 p.m. (PST) on Monday, May 15, 2017 to  Entries should be approximately 15 to 25 pages in length and may have multiple authors. All authors on an entry must meet the eligibility requirements for the award. Please include each author’s name, telephone number and email address.