WAPOR 2015 Elections

The WAPOR elections for 2015 have ended and the official results were announced in mid-November. WAPOR‎ is happy to announce that beginning 1 Jan 2016, Mark Gill (MORI) will join the Executive Council as Secretary-Treasurer. Porismita Borah (Washington State University) and Jennifer Hunter Childs (U.S. Census Bureau) will be cochairing the Publications Committee. And David Howell (University of Michigan) will be the Chair of the Liaison Committee.

Voting was done online for the fourth consecutive year. The final totals indicate that 30.94% of eligible voters took the time to make their choices for Secretary/Treasurer, Chair of the Publications Committee, and Chair of the Liaison Committee. Thank you to all who voted and especially to those who agreed to be on the ballot.

Porismita Borah, Jennifer Hunter Childs and Mark Gill (not pictured: David Howell)