Lisbon Conference Wrap Up

The 70th annual conference convened in Lisbon, Portugal over the dates of July 15-17. We were thrilled to welcome over 200 participants and speakers to the conference for the three day event. Held at the Hotel Lisboa, the conference was filled with nearly 150 papers and presentations. The topics were diverse and the attendance was outstanding.

The final program (devoid of no-shows) is available on our website.  We are planning to build a page for any papers/presentations from the conference. If you would like to submit your presentation for inclusion on our website, please send it to the WAPOR office. We will provide a link to the papers on the conference page. We will update as they are received.

Keynote Speaker:
WAPOR was pleased to welcome Stuart Soroka (University of Michigan) as our keynote speaker. His talk, The Importance and Variability of Public Responsiveness to Policy, is available online here. Additionally, you can find the slides from his presentation here.

70th Anniversary:
As you may know, 2017 marks the 70th anniversary of the organization of WAPOR. During the conference, there were many references to this milestone. These included the fantastic photo timeline of the past presidents, as well as presentations by past presidents Sir Robert Worcester and the video by Esteban Lopez-Escobar at the award banquet. We plan to continue our work on the history of WAPOR as the years progress. If you have any information about past presidents (including photos), please feel free to share them with us.

Finally, we would like to acknowledge the sponsors of this year’s conference. Their support shows our members which organizations support the mission and ideals of WAPOR. They are listed below.