Latest News: WAPOR and WAPOR LATAM 2020 Conferences Going Virtual

Due to the global pandemic we have been discussing different scenarios regarding our Annual Conference and LATAM congress, originally intended to be held in Salamanca next October. After following the world events and evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic and consulting with both authors whose papers were accepted for presentation and the Council, we decided not to hold the Conference in-person but in a virtual mode instead. It was not an easy decision but we carefully analyzed the risks and benefits, and we believe it is the best option for WAPOR considering the COVID situation around the world, the social distancing recommendations and the economic implications and difficulties.

Therefore we are pleased to announce that the 73rd WAPOR Annual Conference will be held together with the WAPOR LATAM 9th Congress, in virtual mode, October 6-9 as scheduled. We will be in touch and provide more information soon on how to participate, as well as further details on the program and scheduled sessions. Many interesting papers, a record of over 500, have been submitted this year, so we look forward to sharing all this knowledge with you as part of the conference’s highly relevant theme: Public Opinion and Survey Research in Changing Times. We have gathered some positive experience through our initiatives with the education platform, so we believe the virtual modality of this year’s Conference will be a great and innovative experience.

We will be in contact with more details very soon.