Get involved with WAPOR

Are you interested in becoming more involved with our association? WAPOR’s Executive Council is looking for individuals to serve on our committees, which include our:

  • Finance Committee, which oversees WAPOR’s annual budget, and strategizes about the organization’s finances and investments. (Secretary-Treasurer: Mark Gill)
  • Publications Committee, which coordinates and advances all of WAPOR’s publications and communications activities. Its purview includes WAPOR’s website, social media content and presence, and the International Journal of Public Opinion Research. This committee also oversees the nominations process for the editor(s) of IJPOR. (Co-Chairs: Porismita Borah and Jennifer Hunter Childs)
  • Membership Committee, which works to maintain and grow WAPOR’s membership, especially given an increasing number of activities around the globe. The committee also works with WAPOR chapters and its national and regional representatives, who promote the association’s mission in their respective geographical areas. (Contact: Claire Durand)
  • Committee on Professional Standards, which regularly reviews and assesses WAPOR’s Code of Professional Ethics and Practices. It coordinates, as needed, with other associations in the field to promote standards within the profession. (Chair: Tim Johnson)
  • Conference Committee, which works with the Executive Coordinator and chairs of WAPOR’s annual conference and regional conferences to ensure successful meetings. (Chair: Yariv Tsfati)
  • Liaison Committee, which promotes WAPOR’s mission by maintaining contact with and reaching out to related associations – e.g., American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR), the World Association of Research Professionals (ESOMAR), and other international and regional professional research associations, as well as the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), other United Nations agencies, and private international organizations. (Chair: David Howell)

If you’re interested in engaging in any of these WAPOR committees from near or afar, please email WAPOR Executive Coordinator Renae Reis at