2017 WAPOR Election Results

The results are in! I am pleased to announce the three newly elected members of WAPOR Council:
* Jibum Kim, Chair of the Publications Committee;
* Doug Miller, Chair of the Liaison Committee; and
* Henning Silber, Secretary-Treasurer.
Serving two-year terms beginning 1 Jan 2018, our new Council members will be advancing WAPOR’s mission alongside:
* Tamas Bodor, Chair of the Membership Committee;
* Marita Carballo, Vice President/President-Elect;
* Claire Durand, President;
* Timothy Johnson, Chair of the Professional Standards Committee;
* Patricia Moy, Past President;
* Renae Reis, Executive Coordinator;
* Yariv Tsfati, Chair of the Conference Committee; and
* Sergio Wals, General Secretary.
On behalf of the nominations committee (Kathleen Frankovic, Alejandro Moreno, and Michael Traugott), thank you to all the candidates who stood for election. We also thank the 32.8% of the membership that voted. If you wish to become involved with any of WAPOR’s committees or have ideas about the organization, feel free to reach out to WAPOR Council (https://wapor.org/contact-us/). We welcome your feedback and engagement.
Many thanks and best wishes,
Patricia Moy