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Robert M. Worcester Prize

Robert M. Worcester Prize for the best article in the International Journal of Public Opinion Research (IJPOR). Papers can be accessed at no charge by clicking the year that the article was published.

Past Prize Recipients

1989 Ronald Inglehart, USA
David Appel, USA
1990 Edgardo Catterberg, Argentina
1991 William J.M. Claggett, USA
Byron E. Shafer, USA
1992 Holli A. Semetko, USA
Joanne Bay Brzinski, USA
David Weaver, USA
Lars Willnat, USA
1993 Ottar Hellevik, Norway
1994 Tom W. Smith, USA
1995 Allen H. Barton, USA
1996 Robert O. Wyatt, USA
1997 Peter C. Neijens, The Netherlands
Vincent E. Price, USA
1998 Clive Beam and Elim Papadakis, Australia
1999 Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh, Ghana
2000 Richard Sinnott, Ireland
2001 Dietram A. Scheufele, USA
William P. Eveland, Jr., USA
2002 M.D.R. Evans and Jonathan Kelley, USA
2003 Yariv Tsfati, Israel
2004 Jochen Peter, The Netherlands
2005 Andrew F. Hayes, USA
Carroll J. Glynn, USA
James Shanahan, USA
2006 Gabriela Catterberg, Argentina
Alejandro Moreno, Mexico
2007 Silke Adam, Germany
2008 Rens Vliegenthart, Andreas Schuck, Hajo Boomgaarden and
Claes de Vreese, The Netherlands
2009 Alejandro Moreno and Manuel Sanchez-Castro, Mexico
2010 Richard Wike and Brian Grim, USA
2011 Alin Ceobanu and Charles Wood, USA
Ludmila Ribeiro, Brazil
2012 Lorenzo Brusattin, Spain
2013 Jörg Matthes, Austria
2014 Adam Shehata, Sweden
2015 Antoni Rodon Casarramona, USA

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