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Reasons to join WAPOR

Founded in 1947, the World Association for Public Opinion Research is the international leading association in the field, with approximately 500 members in more than 60 countries.

Reasons why people like you should join WAPOR:

  • By becoming a member of WAPOR you will receive the International Journal of Public Opinion Research, published quarterly by Oxford University Press. The IJPOR annual subscription, for those that are not members, amounts to $443 a year. In 2013, the Journal had an impact factor of 1.125, and ranked 29 (out of 72) within communication field.
  • For a period of time you can benefit from the 20% discount on books published by Oxford University Press.
  • You will have the opportunity to attend conferences and seminars, to present papers, and to discuss issues concerning public opinion research with experts in the field, with a special reduction in the registration fees (WAPOR organises an annual conference, in Europe and America in alternate years, and several seminars and regional conferences on all continents every year).
  • You will receive the electronic quarterly WAPOR Newsletter with reports about conferences one wasn’t able to attend, the announcements and calls for papers for upcoming events, and useful information about public opinion research all over the world.
  • You will enjoy an increased opportunity to find partners for cross national research, and you can find support for and access to important international research.
  • Membership will allow you the exchange of knowledge and ideas with academics from different disciplines and commercial professionals.
  • You can count on the support of an international group of experts in case of legal limitations and other threats to survey research.
  • You will have a subscription to the WAPOR’s listserv that keeps members up-to-date with current affairs relevant to the field, survey research opportunities and other related news.
  • Taking into account the new WAPOR dues structure, that in a flexible way distinguishes three different tiers, you will have a reduction in the WAPOR’s membership fee if you live in countries included in tiers B or C.
  • Finally, members in new democracies can use the experience of public opinion researchers from countries with a longer democratic history.

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