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Elections for 2014 are underway.  All persons who paid dues for 2014 are eligible to vote.  If you did not receive your voting instructions, please send an email to renae@wapor.org.

Voting is available online at https://vod.votenet.com/WAPOR

Voting ends on October 31, 2014.


Newsletter Available:
June 2014 Newsletter

Press Release: LINCOLN (Nebraska, USA)
23 May 2013
Statement Regarding the Levada Center (Moscow) Case

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WAPOR 67th Annual Conference 

Nice, France
4-6 September 2014
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Final Program
Final Program (PDF)
Online Interactive Program
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WAPOR Regional Seminar
Doha, Qatar
7-9 March 2015
Call for Participation

Updated version of the WAPOR Code of Ethics
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Past Press Releases: LINCOLN (Nebraska, USA)

December 20, 2012
Freedom to Publish Opinion Polls Study Results
English version
Chinese version

November 13, 2012
Statement Regarding Polling Regulations in Mexico

October 24, 2012
Statement Regarding Pre-Election Polls in Ukraine

August 3, 2011
Pollsters Missing in Michoacan, Mexico

February 17, 2011
Public Opinion Research Must Guarantee the Confidentiality of Responses
Comunicado de Prensa

Who’s Afraid of Opinion Polls?
by Wolfgang Donsbach

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