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68th Annual Conference

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68th Annual Conference
16-19 June 2015
Buenos Aires, Argentina


About the Conference

Thank you for your interest in the WAPOR 68th Annual Conference. You can find a conference wrap up on our blog at: http://wapor.org/about-the-wapor-68th-conference-buenos-aires-june-2015/

To see pictures from the Conference, please click on the links below. These pictures clearly show speakers’ enthusiasm and audience’s eager dedication in every session.

Those interested in buying the electronic version of any of the issues of the Revista Latinoamericana de Opinion Pública, please go to  https://www.editorialteseo.com/archivos/category/colecciones2/revista-latinoamericana-de-opinion-publica/.

The organizers would like to encourage all authors to submit their articles and research papers for evaluation and further inclusion in the upcoming issues of the Revista Latinoamericana de Opinión Pública. Papers should somehow address the issue of public opinion in Latin America or provide theoretical or methodological analysis based on public opinion datasets (for further information about the RLOP see http://www.waporlatinoamerica.org/revista.html). Manuscripts should be submitted at  waporba2015@gmail.com and deadline is 30 September, 2015. Papers should be unedited and can be written either in Spanish, English or Portuguese.

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WAPOR Press Release:
WAPOR Statement on House of Lords
Submitted by WAPOR as evidence to the House of Lords Select Committee on Political Polling and Digital Media on August 30, 2017

WAPOR Statement on Chilean Ban on Polls
June 29, 2017

WAPOR Press Release: Intervention Against Pollsters In Ecuador
AAPOR WAPOR 12 April 2017 Ecuador Statement

WAPOR Press Release: IISEPS
Press Release

WAPOR Ad Hoc Committee Report:
Review of allegations concerning IISEPS data fabrication

WAPOR/ESOMAR Press Release: Levada Center
Press Release

WAPOR/ESOMAR Joint Letter Regarding Levada Center:

Press Release:
Understanding and Interpreting Opinion Polls
New International Online Course for Journalists

Upcoming Conferences and Seminars:

WAPOR 71st Annual Conference
Marrakech, Morocco
June 27-30, 2018
Information coming soon!

WAPOR VIIi Latin America Congress
Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
October 17-19, 2018
Information coming soon!

Updated version of the WAPOR Code of Ethics:
Click here to view the updated code

Past Press Releases:

WAPOR Press Release: LINCOLN (Nebraska, USA)
Statement on interviewers lynched in Ajalpan, Mexico
English version
Spanish version

News Available:

Who’s Afraid of Election Polls?
by Wolfgang Donsbach

This post is also available in: French

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