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68th Annual Conference

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68th Annual Conference
16-19 June 2015
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Registration now open!
Conference Program

The World Association for Public Opinion Research (WAPOR) is pleased to announce its 68th annual conference will be held for the first time in Latin America. The four-day conference, hosted by the Universidad de Tres de Febrero, will convene 16-19 June 2015 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

 Conference Theme:
The Networks of Public Opinion: New Theories, New Methods

Information and communication technologies are transforming societies around the world. These advances have changed how individuals interact with each other, how groups and organizations advance their causes, and how media and politics function today. In other words, technology has revolutionized the formation, articulation and expression of public opinion. However, understanding these effects requires new theories and new research methods. Embracing diverse voices from different regions, this WAPOR conference provides an opportunity for scholars, practitioners, journalists, and students of public opinion to discuss and ponder these challenges from a global perspective.

The conference program contains papers related to the conference theme, including but not restricted to the following topics:

  • Public opinion theory and/or methods
  • Voting and elections
  • Social, political, economic, and/or cultural issues
  • Consumer culture and market movements
  • Political culture and participation
  • Polls and elections
  • Media effects on public opinion
  • Comparative research
  • News, journalism and public opinion
  • Survey research and questionnaire design
  • Sampling issues
  • Nonresponse and incentives
  • Measurement issues
  • Cross-cultural concerns in data collection
  • Social media, big data, and emerging technologies
  • Media, polling and electoral behavior


At the time of abstract/panel-proposal notification, authors whose work has been accepted for presentation will receive additional information about their eligibility for various awards to be given at the conference, including:

  • Janet A. Harkness Prize, for the best student paper in multi-national/multi-cultural/multi-lingual survey research (3M survey research)
  • Magna Carta 800th Anniversary
  • Elizabeth H. Nelson Prize, for the best research paper submitted by authors from a society in transition
  • Naomi C. Turner Prize, for the best student paper presented at the conference

Queries about the Conference

Questions about the conference should be directed to:

Conference Chair Maria Braun (mariabraun@waporlatinoamerica.com)

WAPOR Executive Coordinator Renae Reis (renae@wapor.org)

This information can also be found on our website at www.waporbuenosaires2015.org.

About the Conference Site

Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is famous for its eclectic and cosmopolitan spirit. Its wide avenues and fast pace invite visitors to explore its urban layout reminiscent of a promissory and noble past. The Borges Cultural Center, belonging to the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero, will serve as the conference venue. In the heart of downtown Buenos Aires, the Center offers easy access to areas of interest, hotels and diverse gastronomic alternatives.

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WAPOR 68th Annual Conference
Buenos Aires, Argentina
16-19 June 2015
Registration now open!

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