Special Issue on Questionnaire Translation

Dorothée Behr (GESIS) and Mandy Sha (Independent Consultant) guest edited a special issue that presents research and practice of questionnaire translation in cross-national and cross-cultural research. Recently published in refereed international journal Translation & Interpreting, the special issue is one of the first organized efforts to enable interdisciplinary exchange among survey methodologists, translation scholars and practitioners, and subject matter experts.

Dorothée and Mandy said, “We hope that this special issue will encourage cross-fertilization and shared trust among disciplines to ignite questionnaire translation research. Continuous efforts are important because the results of cross-national and cross-cultural studies must be grounded in sound data collection methods, which rely heavily on questionnaire translation.” Click here to read their introduction to the special issue.

Translation & Interpreting
Vol 10, No 2 (2018)

Special Issue: Translation of Questionnaires in Cross-national and Cross-cultural Research

Table of Contents

  • Translating questionnaires for cross-national surveys: A description of a genre and its particularities based on the ISO 17100 categorization of translator competences. Dorothée Behr
  • Translation of country-specific programs and survey error: Measuring the education level of immigrants. Patricia Goerman, Leticia Fernandez, and Rosanna Quiroz
  • Questionnaire translation in the European Company Survey: Conditions conducive to the effective implementation of a TRAPD-based approach. Maurizio Curtarelli and Gijs van Houten
  • The translator’s perspective on translation quality control processes for international large-scale assessment studies. Britta Upsing and Marc Rittberger
  • Probing for sensitivity in translated survey questions: Differences in respondent feedback across cognitive probe types. Zeina Nazih Mneimneh, Kristen Cibelli Hibben, Lisa Bilal, Sanaa Hyder, Mona Shahab, Abdulrahman Binmuammar, and Yasmin Altwaijri
  • Back translation as a documentation tool. Jiyoung Son
  • Using video technology to engage deaf sign language users in survey research: An example from the Insign project. Jemina Napier, Katherine Lloyd, Robert Skinner, Graham H Turner, Mark Wheatley
  • English to Spanish translated medical forms: A descriptive genre-based corpus study. Patricia Gonzalez Darriba
  • Translation and visual cues: Towards creating a road map for limited English speakers to access translated Internet surveys in the United States. Mandy Sha, Y. Patrick Hsieh, and Patricia L. Goerman