Presentation Guidelines 

Thank you for contributing to the WAPOR 74th Annual Conference! 

All presentations will be LIVE online, but to avoid any technical issues, we ask that all presentations have a pre-recorded backup. Below you will find relevant information to help you pre-record your presentation to prepare it for upload into the virtual conference system. The system is now open and we will be sending out more information and instructions for uploading your presentation (this includes your PPT or PDF presentation slides AND video). We encourage you to practice your presentation, record, and save your file to ready it for upload. Please remember that ALL presentations are to be a MAXIMUM of 10 minutes. Presentation materials must be uploaded by October 25.

You can upload your files by logging in to your account here:

NOTE: If you have recorded your presentation in PowerPoint, and to upload it as a video file, please “save as” a .mp4 file. That will allow you to complete your submission. If you have any questions, please email Renae Reis (

Instructions for Pre-recording on Zoom

How to pre-record with Zoom (PDF)

How to pre-record with Zoom (video tutorial)