Whether you are presenting a panel, formal paper, participating in a round table, or a presenting a poster, we thank you for contributing to WAPOR’s 72nd Annual Conference. Over the next few months this page will be the place to provide important information to all WAPOR presenters for reminders of important deadlines and the guidelines that will help you with your presentation.
If, at any time, you have any questions, please direct them to Renae Reis (renae@wapor.org).
We look forward to seeing you in Toronto, Canada!!
Format types: When interested parties log on to the system to submit their proposal(s), they will be asked to select from the following presentation formats:

1. Full Panels are organized sessions that focus on a common theme and include up to five participants in addition to the panel organizer. 

2. Papers involve original research featuring an oral address of 10‐14 minutes to an audience. Authors are strongly encouraged to prepare a formal paper in advance of the conference (usually 12‐15 pages in length) to share with the session organizer and moderator. In addition, authors are asked to make their presentation materials, such as PowerPoint™ slides, available to session attendees at (or following) the conference.

3. Round Tables are meant to be less formal and a more interactive format for sharing multiple perspectives on a given topic. The convenor sets the topic and goals for the session, and invites a few other colleagues to contribute to the discussion with short (5-minute) verbal-only interventions. Then, the convenor opens the conversation to all participants for the remainder of the time period. A maximum of 20 participants will be admitted to the room to enable the full discussion to be recorded for use as a podcast, available via the WAPOR website. Discussants can join via a video link if necessary.

4. Posters are presentations of original research that rely on visual display (i.e., posters) combined with interactive author‐audience discussion. Authors are strongly encouraged to distribute handouts or a reduced-size paper copy of their poster at the conference. Click here for Poster Presentation guidelines.