NEW! Case Studies

Case Studies typically include the real-world problem of a client organization, client ideas and constraints, research design and analysis, and client use of the results with real-world outcomes. As this is a new format, please see below for WAPOR’s ideal case study framework that will be used in awarding a special prize for “Best Case Study” at the Toronto conference. Joint client/agency presentations are encouraged.

Best practice in documenting case studies (and the criteria for selecting the winner of the ‘best case study’ award), involve these elements:

    • Real-world problem client organization is attempting to solve
    • Specific ideas (if any) client wants to test
    • Constraints/opportunities imposed on the research design
    • Research design used (often involving multiple elements) and analysis plan
    • Key research findings and advanced analysis outcomes
    • Conclusions and recommendations as presented to client
    • Strengths/weaknesses of the research design
    • Client’s use of research, including description of other inputs to their decision-making
    • Real-world impacts/outcomes (ideally co-presented by client)

Submission: Authors should submit their completed paper for the awards above electronically using MS-Word or PDF format, by 5 p.m. (PST) on Friday, March 29, 2019 to  Entries should be approximately 15 to 25 pages in length and may have multiple authors. All authors on an entry must meet the eligibility requirements for the award. Please include each author’s name, telephone number and email address. WAPOR reserves the right to not award prizes.