Below are some frequently asked questions we have received about the conference. Please let us know if you have others by submitting them to

Q: What is the difference between a regular session and a LIVE panel session?

A: The WAPOR conference has two types of sessions/panels: 1) regular sessions and 2) live panels (submitted as pre-organized panels)

Due to the online mode of the conference this time we had to go for several adjustments, like limited time for sessions per day, but we also wanted people to be engaged. Thus the conference committee decided to put regular sessions (one hour)  with pre-recorded videos of the presentations so that participants can watch presentations before the session (at their convenience) and come for the session to discuss and ask questions. Presenters will be given 3-4 minutes to present themselves and briefly remind the audience about their research paper, the remaining time will be for questions and discussions. 

As for the live panels (1 hour and 30 minutes), there will be 10 minutes for each presenter to present live (or run pre-recording if there is any problem with technology and connection) and then there will be time for Q&A  and discussion.

Q: Why attend the virtual conference?

A: The virtual conference is similar to an in-person conference in nearly every way. However, there are also many benefits to the virtual conference:

  • You can see every presentation, not just the ones in the session you attend. Additionally, these can be viewed for up to 90 days after the conference ends. This way, you can see any/all presentations that interest you and you can contact the authors with any questions you may have.
  • The training workshops being offered October 12-15 are INCLUDED in your registration this year.
  • The virtual experience does not require an airline ticket, hotel stay, time off for travel, lost luggage or jet lag!
  • We are still providing various opportunities for face-to-face interaction – including the welcome sessions, coffee breaks, meetings, and of course the conference sessions and live panels.

Q: What is the timing of the conference?

A: Since we can’t be together in person, the virtual conference will have LIVE meetings using Salamanca time, which will be Central European Summer Time. We hope that this will allow for the maximum in participation for viewers around the globe. You can use to help you determine your local start time. The online system will reflect your time zone and you will be able to add the sessions you’re interested in attending to your online calendar, so you can be assured nothing starts without you!

The online program will be available shortly. In the meantime, you can find the WAPOR and WAPOR LATAM conference programs here:
WAPOR Program
Sesiones LATAM Programa

Please note, these only include the presenter, all other authors will be shown in the final program.