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Helen Dinerman Award

The WAPOR Helen Dinerman Award recognizes lifetime contributions to the field of public opinion. The award, presented annually to an individual or individuals, is in memory of Helen Dinerman’s scientific achievements over three decades of public opinion research.

Nominations have been solicited and the winner will be announced at the WAPOR annual conference this July in Lisbon, Portugal.

Past Award Recipients

1981 Jan Stapel, The Netherlands
1982 Stanley L. Payne, USA
1983 Herbert Hyman, USA
1984 Mark Abrams, UK
1985 Norman M. Bradburn, USA
1986 Jean A. Stoetzel, France
1987 Percy H. Tannenbaum, USA
1988 Louis Guttman, Israel (Posthumous)
1989 W. Philips Davison, USA
1990 Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann, West Germany
1991 Elihu Katz, Israel
1992 Philip K. Hastings, USA
1993 Juan J. Linz, USA
1994 Hélène Riffault, France
1995 Daniel Yankelovich, USA
1996 Robert Worcester, UK
1997 Seymour Martin Lipset, USA
1998 Friedrich W. Tennstädt, Germany
1999 Hans L. Zetterberg, Sweden
2000 Robert K. Merton, USA
2001 Mahar Mangahas, Philippines
2002 Roger Tourangeau, USA
2003 Phillip E. Converse, USA
2004 Sidney Verba, USA
2005 Roger Jowell, UK
2006 Don A. Dillman, USA
2007 Wolfgang Donsbach, Germany
2008 Marta Lagos Cruz-Coke, Chile
2009 Willem Saris, Spain
2010 Robert Groves, USA
2011 Maxwell McCombs and Donald Shaw, USA
2012 Hans Mathias Kepplinger, Germany
2013 Lars Lyberg, Sweden
2014 Ronald Inglehart, USA
2015 Shanto Iyengar, USA
2016 Max Kaase, Germany

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WAPOR VIIi Latin America Congress
Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
October 17-19, 2018
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