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67th Annual Conference

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67th Annual Conference
4-6 September 2014
Nice, France

The World Association for Public Opinion Research (WAPOR) will hold its 67th annual conference on 4-6 September 2014, Nice, France at the Radisson Blu, located on the French Riviera. The conference will convene immediately before ESOMAR’s annual meeting, also in Nice.

Conference Theme: Extensible Public Opinion
Online Program with Final Updates in an Interactive Format

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The term “extensible” is used in computer science to refer to a concept that can be extended in novel ways. As such, this year’s conference theme recognizes the non-static and expanding nature of public opinion, which has evolved in tandem with new ideas and technologies. Understanding that a core goal of research is to link results from different domains, we encourage papers using extended methodologies and theories to bridge and link new developments with more standard activities. We particularly encourage papers that grow out of computer science or information systems, where new technologies relevant to traditional public opinion research are being developed.

WAPOR will feature papers that focus on public opinion topics both old and new. These topics include, but are not restricted to:

• Public opinion theory
• Measurement issues and designs
• Sampling issues and designs
• Response rates and non-response error
• Online surveys
• Substantive social issues including those in politics, elections, health, and the environment
• Analysis new types of data collected electronically including “big data”
• Cross-national research
• Sentiment analysis and opinion mining
• Emerging tools that enable the capturing of public opinion
• Public opinion and intergroup relations
• The relationship between media exposure and public opinion

Conference Information

Submission deadline:  Closed
Submission decisions:  March 3, 2014
Registration opens: April 15, 2014 
Completed papers following APA formatting guidelines:  August 21, 2014


CONTACT: If you have questions, please email the conference chair David Fan (WAPOR2014@gmail.com) and/or WAPOR Executive Coordinator Renae Reis (renae@wapor.org).





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WAPOR 67th Annual Conference 

Nice, France
4-6 September 2014
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